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Our Leaders

Pastor Simon

Senior Pastor Simon

I spent most of my youth going from church to church looking to make sense out of this world and all of the experiences I was having in it. When I was 16 and experienced a huge loss in my life, I needed answers for why I am here, why this world exists, and why a God who is supposed to be loving would seemingly cause so much suffering.

I don’t feel like I ever got answers to those questions when I needed them most and my life took a downward spiral for a few years.

Thankfully I met a small group of people, some of them old friends from my church days, that started to help me. I came to them with my problems, they would listen, and pretty soon I had an answer about what steps to take next. Within 3 months I was taken off of my depression medication because it was no longer necessary.

These people helped me first, and once I trusted them and wanted to know how they helped me better than anyone ever had, they pointed me towards God. They did so in a way that was unlike any other way I’d experienced before. They helped God make sense.

I no longer had to celebrate a mystery. I had answers that helped me live a better life on purpose every day.

I never in a million years believed I would want to be a Pastor. I do know, however, that I want to help people get the same help that I received when I needed it most.

Meet Our Associate Pastors

Pastor Rob

Pastor Rob

When I was a kid growing up in the church, it felt like I was part of a club that had the secret to all of life's questions. It was this exciting feeling that kept me interested. However, over time the exciting feeling started to fade, and I felt like the only answer the church had was to believe in this Jesus guy, which I did; therefore, I was good.

After many years of avoiding church (mostly out of fear of boredom) my life started to take a turn for the worse. I reconnected with an old friend, and he told me about a new church he was attending. I was immediately skeptical; however, he quickly reassured me that this was something different, and that this church used the Bible to explain all of life's great mysteries.

After many tense conversations with my friend, I knew I had to experience this church for myself and started to attend. I began to learn things had never known and grow in a way that I had never imagined. For the first time in a very long time, I wanted to go to church. For the first time in a while, I was happy.

Now, I want to help people experience that same level of growth that I experienced. I want to give people the answers to life's great questions, and most importantly I want to help people be everything they are meant to be.

Pastor Patty

Pastor Patty

From as early as I can remember, I have desired a relationship with Jesus! I loved Jesus so much and totally felt His love for me! When I was alone with God, I felt like I could do anything! However, I was consistently taught in church how we could never be good enough, were full of depravity, and could never deserve God's love. I also needed to follow Him and be perfect as God was perfect. How could I do that if I could never be good enough? I became so afraid of doing something wrong and disappointing God. I was also afraid of being in pride by thinking too highly of myself. It was exhausting! After years of trying to walk this line and trying to measure up to this impossible standard, while hiding my mistakes for fear of condemnation, I finally cried out to God when I could not hide any longer. Confessing my confusion and pain over how things were falling apart, God showed me one simple principle – you reap what you sow. If I am sowing to my flesh, I will reap corruption. If I sow to the spirit, I will reap life everlasting. I wasn't condemned or cast off for asking for help. I wasn’t rejected for being wrong. I was taught Truth!

Being able to confess when I am wrong and turn to God because I know He loves me and wants a relationship with me has paved the way for me to discover who God is and who I am as part of the body of Christ. I don't have to be everything. God just wants me to be me! I have a role and a purpose and I can know what that is. It doesn't have to be a mystery!

Almost two years ago, I started attending Music of Life Church – Kimberly. It was unlike any church I had ever attended. As I grew to understand more of who I am and experience what church could really be, I fell in love with the church again and the Truth that is available to set people free! When a new church plant, Music of Life Church Appleton, was announced this summer and I heard that this was going to be a church for those that have been most hurt by church, I wept! I have seen and heard too many stories of people who have been hurt by church, rejected and cut off from God. I have wept over the heavy burdens laid on people's shoulders by laws put out as reasons why they can't approach God without any willingness to remove those burdens. I have grieved how many were lost due to feeling rejected and cast out by the one place that should be the safest place for those who are lost to go for help! I want people to have a safe place to be wrong. I want people to know their value and their unique gifts and purpose that uniquely connects to God's purpose.

When I heard about the mission of MOLCA, I knew I wanted to be part of that mission! When I was asked what I would want to do, my heart burst over the idea of caring for the flock to help MOLCA be a church that is safe enough for anyone to come and have an opportunity to hear the Truth and choose for themselves if they want it! As I took time to seek the Word to gain a clear understanding of what a pastor and shepherd is, I knew without a doubt, that is what I wanted to do! As the leadership of MOLC had seen me caring for those inside and outside of the church, they invited me to be an Associate Pastor of Music of Life Church-Appleton. In turn, I personally invite you to visit and know that we will be happy to see you!